What does Not Just Talking mean?

Did you know that 60-90% of a conversation is understood through non-verbal information – gestures, facial expressions, intonation, situaitons and a host of other 'clues'? Developing the ability to ‘read’ this information is at the heart of good communication. And this in turn enables us to fulfil our potential at school, at home, among friends – in all areas of life. 

A child who doesn’t develop the ability to recognise and interpret non-verbal clues will find it difficult, if not impossible, to communicate effectively – even if they can talk well. This causes frustration which can lead to extreme behaviour pattern. A lack of non-verbal communication skills is also central to autistic spectrum disorders.





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Dr Richard Fry now has team of people working with the Not Just Talking programme. If your child needs this intervention, go tohttp://drfry.org.uk/social-communicationfor more information. Contact him atoffice@drfry.org.uk or01962 606100. ...