Testimonials – Parents


There are many more parent testimonials this is just a small selection.

But they all tell the same story, i.e. no change before Not Just Talking’s intervention followed by almost immediate positive change in behaviour, socialisation, emotional understanding and educational progress.

JOHN – 9 years old on referral

John was having problems with his behaviour both at home and with his peers at school. He would get upset and angry very easily. He was also struggling to focus on his schoolwork and homework, often taking a lot longer than necessary to complete the task.  He found it difficult to interact when faced with larger groups, especially when complex situations developed.

John was introduced to Not Just Talking. The results were noticeable even after the first session. John has learned to develop his non-verbal skills to a very high level. He now has a much better understanding of how to interact with his peers and people of all ages. He no longer struggles with his homework. He stays on task and on time.

The transformation has been quite remarkable and we are delighted that with the help of Not Just Talking, John is developing and mastering these essential social skills.


My 9 year old son Freddy had very poor attention and behaviour problems since starting his school reception year.  He was often demanding and stubborn, yet he was also very charming when things were going ‘his way’.

Very quickly his school identified his learning difficulties in year 1 which was made worse by his attitude and complete refusal to try and anything unless it was something he wanted to do.

Despite using all the usual channels through the school (Educational Psychology, CAHMS, Speech &Language Therapy) nothing changed in his behaviour. During this time Freddy was becoming more frustrated at school. His behaviour was deteriorating and he totally shut-down his learning and the gap in his learning and maturity from his peers was widening. The school began to talk about removing him to a school for children with behaviour difficulties.

I then found out about Not Just Talking through the web and spoke to Sioban on the telephone and she immediately put me at ease. She scheduled Freddy in for intervention lessons and the change in him since her intervention began have been very noticeable – He was ‘Star of the week’ at school last week! 

Here are some of the changes that we have noticed

  1. 1.Freddy is more considerate of his brother and can share, take turns and play together without any ‘hiccups’ for hours

  2. 2.He no longer flees from situations or stomps off saying ‘I’m not playing’ when playing with one or two friends

  3. 3.His behaviour is becoming more appropriate (not yet perfect) and he is able to discuss how he is feeling and calm down much quicker when something has not gone ‘his’ way

  4. 4.He is behaving more acceptably during play time

  5. 5.He is a great deal happier in school and at home, much more talkative and is giving more information than previously

  6. 6.He is more motivated and wants to go out more. (Before Sioban’s intervention it was often a battle to get him out of the house  to go to the park or for a walk)

  7. 7.He is more understanding of his emotions and others. When another child called him a name during a play in the park, he said he ‘forgave’ the other child and just carried on playing without any sulking or issues, even though he was quite annoyed to begin with

  8. 8.He is trying harder at school – although he has a lot of catching up to do.

I am confident that every child displaying behavioural problems would benefit from the Not Just Talking intervention.


From the moment we got in touch with Sioban at 'Not Just Talking' our lives got easier. For the first time someone agreed with us that our son had some communication difficulties, as opposed to just being a boy with a boisterous outlook. The great thing was that Sioban was very sure she could make a difference from the beginning, and she certainly has.

After 5 sessions, our son was more likely to listen to us and understood about better information giving. After 10 sessions we noticed it was much easier to reason with him and discipline him. Although the techniques were not easy to get used to, we persevered and they have paid off. The best thing for me was that if things got bad, I had someone I could call up and discuss things with.’


I first heard of Not just Talking purely by chance, whilst looking at a newsletter sent home from school. I was amazed because the article described the problems I was having with my 7 year old daughter exactly! From the first moment i contacted Sioban, I knew she would be able to help us, she was so enthusiastic and reassuring.

After only a few sessions everyone noticed such a difference in my daughter. she became much easier to reason with and a lot calmer in situations where she would have been very stressed before. we have a way to go yet, but I am now excited at the prospects for my daughters future, whereas before there seemed little hope.

If you feel Sioban could help your child, I urge you to grab this opportunity with both hands. It really does feel like someone has given us the key to a once locked door.


Sioban has worked with both of my sons separately, and has stunned me with her ability to pinpoint the specific and different problems they have with non-verbal communication.   My younger son has particular issues with reading the cues in situations such as dentist, doctors, hospital and hairdresser appointments.   Now Sioban has highlighted to me what it is he is missing in his recognition of social cues, I can now prime him with clues to support him in these situations.   We now find these environments much easier to negotiate.   My older son finds it difficult to read people's expressions and emotions, judging people's ages etc.   Now Sioban has highlighted this he watches soap operas with me and we have discussions about what emotions the characters  are showing, which has helped him to ask questions and work out people's feelings in real life situations.

I am very grateful to Sioban for giving me a view into the way my boys think, the gaps in their social communication skills and a way to support them to improve these skills.


I would certainly recommend an assessment with Not Just Talking to any parent with concerns about their child. Sioban’s intervention with our son has made our family life much easier, and our precious weekends much more enjoyable.