Current training opportunities


Introduction to non-verbal communication workshops

This can be booked by organisations or groups of parents who can get a minimum of 12 and maximum of 20 parents together.

The following is what is covered in two half day sessions:

  1. What non-verbal communication covers

  2. How it develops

  3. Why are these skills not developing nowadays

  4. The impact on a child of failure to develop the non-verbal communication skills

  5. Two workshops – one showing the dependence on non-verbal communication within a conversation and the other about the problems associated with non-verbal interpretational skills

  6. How to prevent these problems developing in babies and toddlers

  7. Strategies that will work and those that won’t

If you are interested please email Sioban at

Intervention training

This will be available when Speechmark have published all the Not Just Talking resources. Keep watching this space for more information.