Not Just Talking:help your child communicate – from day one

This new book for parents focuses on helping children communicate effectively before school.

In response to demand I have significantly revised and expanded ‘Not Just Talking:help your baby communicate – from day one’. It now covers the development of the non-verbal communication skills your child needs from birth right up to the day your child goes to school.


An essential practical guide for parents to help you make sure your child is equipped with good communication skills for the rest of his or her life. It is a perfect handbook for early years professionals too.

‘Not Just Talking:help your child communicate – from day one’ takes you on a journey discovering in detail the many elements of non-verbal communication that will enable your child to make and keep friends, enjoy school and participate fully in family life.

The development of communication is an amazing process. Every parent longs to hear their child talking. However, it does not signal the start of communication. 

What you will find:

    •    An expanded and extended practical guide for parents 

    •    How children develop non-verbal skills from the moment of birth

    •    How these skills continue to develop for the rest of their lives

    •    How you can stimulate and support your child’s natural ability to communicate through conversational skill development

    •    Many practical tips to try with your child from day one

    •    ‘What can happen?’ information to help you avoid the pitfalls

    •    All the conversational skills your child will need before he or she starts at school

    •    How to respond effectively to children with non-verbal communication difficulties   

(ISBN 9780956370907 Published Not Just Talking 2014) 

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'Not Just Talking:help your child communicate – from day one'

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