A few comments about Not Just Talking

Here you will find what people have said about the Not Just Talking publications, training and the NJT intervention

What people say about Sioban's books

Not Just Talking:help your child communicate – from day one

"Not Just Talking is the best book on non-verbal communication ever! New parents, early childhood educators, speech pathologists and occupational therapists who work with young children will be excited to read it. You will look at infancy and the growing years with fresh eyes, a new perspetive and interaction skills not previously taught in early childhood books."

Lynne Kenney, Psy.D. mom, international speaker and pediatric psychologist. Dr. Kenney is co-author with Wendy Young of Bloom: 50 things to say, think and do with anxious, angry and over-the-top-kids and author of The Family Coach Method www.lynnekenney.com.

"Thank you for such prompt delivery of your book which arrived yesterday. I heard you speak at the CPHVA conference in York in November 2013. My colleague and I voted you the best speaker of the entire conference. We could have listened to you for hours. 

Have got your first book and have used it a lot when writing articles and referenced you on many occasions. I will tell as many people as I can about your book as it needs to be read by as many as possible."

"Thank you very much for the prompt delivery, it arrived yesterday. I am looking forward to reading it. I myself am an Infant Massage instructor so thought it complimented my work helping parents to understand their baby's non-verbal communication."  

"As a health visitor I am a big fan of Sioban's work having read and reviewed her first book "Not Just Talking". I felt this was an invaluable guide for both parents and practitioners particularly health visitors and midwives.

I know Sioban is keen to get her message out to both midwives and health visitors so they can support parents to develop early communications skills from birth. Midwives and health visitors are in a prime position to intervene early to prevent difficulties occurring and offer early intervention when things do go awry. These materials will be a useful resource for practitioners."

Maggie Fisher RGN, NDN, RHV, BA (Hons) Ed, PGD Infant and Child Mental Health PGD Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Practice  April 2013   


Not Just Talking:Identifying non-verbal communication problems – a life-changing approach

“Sioban Boyce is a speech and language therapist who worked in the NHS for more than 18 years. Recently she has worked as an independent specialist in the development of non-verbal communication in children. In this book, she details an innovative approach to dealing with communication difficulties in children who have learned to talk, but who are unable to communicate effectively.

Like many Speechmark publications, this is a spiral bound book with a built in flap to help you keep your place. It is divided into a number of chapters which cover the basics of non-verbal communication, causes of problems, communication development from toddler-age to adulthood, and assessment and intervention. 

Boyce also includes a section on training opportunities for those working with children of different ages and she makes reference to other resources such as the Not Just Talking Resource Pack and the Assessment Pack. 

Boyce stresses that her approach to communication differs from the traditional speech and language approach in that she has successfully trained support workers,teachers and social workers to deliver her programme. The assessment process is clearly set out and assessments are available for a range of ages from pre-talking babies and toddlers to teenagers.

Boyce makes some very interesting observations about the different ways in which girls and boys develop language skills and this is one of many engaging aspects of this useful and practical resource.” 

Mary Mountstephen, SEN Magazine, Issue 61 Nov/Dec 2012

“What a super, practical therapy resource! It is an innovative approach devised by the experienced speech and language therapist author following her encounters with increased numbers of children who had learned to talk but who were still unable to communicate effectively. Devised in the late 1990s, this theory has been used with success not only by the author but a wide range of educators. It promotes the good use of non-verbal skills in children and tackles the fundamentals from which communication difficulties arise.”

Martine Horvarth, Early Years Educator




Comments about Sioban's talks and training

"Sioban Boyce's work promises to make a major contribution to the 'new paradigm' that is urgently needed to replace moribund conventional ways of thinking about early child development. In any newly founded way of understanding, I am convinced that Sioban's important work will have a significant part to play."  
Dr Richard House, University of Winchester (Education Studies) and founder of Early Childhood Action (April 2013)   

'Thank you for the wonderful session you ran this week. All the staff have been talking about it and saying how useful they found it and how easily you delivered the information to them.'
Headteacher in a mainstream school  

'I was chairing your session at conference - really enjoyed it and will certainly be sharing with my colleagues when I am back at work next week. I love the parent book'  
Health Visitor from York CPHVA National Conference 2013



About NJT intervention

This is a recent comment from parent of child who has benefitted from the Not Just Talking intervention (names changed): 

Thank you - we're thrilled. I feel I have Toby back after a year or so of losing him. He's made a step change in all walks of life - sport, school, home and it's great to see him interacting with people in a relaxed (and understanding) way. 

Did he tell you he got his end of year maths result - 100/110; so 91% and 3rd in his year of 150 or so! This simply wouldn't have happened before he met you.

His visual engagement wavers a bit - slides off when he gets tired or is meeting new people, but he knows what will work and thinks you're the best! Has been asking when he's going to see you for days. I'm confident that he'll move forward well from here, which is a very different situation to how I felt a few months ago.

Father of 11 year old who was having problems both at school and at home